Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 European Championship Powerman - 20 April 2008

Distance: 15km/60km/7.5km

1st run: 0:54.04

Bike: 1:41.25

2nd run: 0:31.14

Total: 3:06.42

Overall position: 66


Risa & Chun said...

aweyyy curly,....

GOOD JOB!!!!keep it up yah,...
so happy to see ur results,..way to go man!!!it's every athlete dreams to be able on that level,to race all over e world!!!Proud of u man!!
so bila mau race s'pore lagi???hahaha,..xc dah penat lah huh!!
Best regards and wish u all the BEST!!!!!!!


Risa Suseanty & Chun...

ungku said...

hey man
good to see that you are updating your blog again!
keep it up!!
congrats on the nice results

nurina said...
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nurina said...

wah, nice results!!!
Nice pics as well, looks familiar, Venray is only half an hours drive from my kampung...