Thursday, September 27, 2007

Australian Duathlon Championships 2007

I did not have my best race, that is for sure! I struggled practically throughout the whole race. The first 10k felt like it was never going to end. I couldn't find my running legs and the cold weather did not help either. It was an off road course with several demanding climbs. The leading pack was drifting further and further but i could not get my heavy legs to co-operate with me. I tried to put the lousy run behind and concentrated on the bike. I soon realise that my cycling legs were not really there. I have to admit that i was really frustrated but i kept going because i don't want to face the consequences of a DNF. Onto the last run, i felt better and ran real hard. Although it was impossible to catch up with only 5km to the finish line, i showed no signs of giving up. Finishing 4th in my age category clearly showed that i did not have a good race.

Although not performing as well as expected,i know i did my best that day and am looking forward to the coming race. It was great racing in Australia and meeting up with my fellow duathlon friends.


1st run : 40:58

Bike : 1:11:10

2nd run : 19:05

Total : 2:11:13

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